TODD MASTERS / President

Todd Masters began his professional film career at the age of twelve, working on an animated birth- control film in his hometown of Seattle, WA. While his friends were going through puberty and learning the birds & the bees- Masters was making movies about it. Before 18, he was working professionally in film optical effects, animated graphics, and was creating complex creatures from his parent's basement. He then left for Hollywood, and immediately started building an impressive resume- working on genre classics such as: BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, NIGHT OF THE CREEPS, LOOK WHO'S TALKING, PREDATOR, and POLTERGEIST II.

In 1987, Masters founded MASTERSFX, a full-service character FX company, continuing his focus to produce more film-friendly creatures. MFX's mantra, 'Better & Different', spirited their technology and material developments. They were among the first to integrate practical fx with an in-house digital VFX department, finding new ways to blend the technologies.

Now, more than 25 years later, MASTERSFX is an innovative, multi-award winning leader in FX with studios in Los Angeles and Vancouver, BC. Creative contributors to hundreds of projects, their credits include: SLITHER, STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT, THE HORSE WHISPERER and UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING. Television: SIX FEET UNDER, TALES FROM THE CRYPT, DEXTER, ALMOST HUMAN, TRUE BLOOD, FRINGE, and FALLING SKIES. They have also created well-known commerical icons, such as: MICHELIN MAN, SWEET-TOOTH, and JACK IN THE BOX.

Additonally, Todd was a founding board member of the Visual Effects Society, and is a multi-award winning director and successful toy-designer.